Wednesday, September 24, 2008

'Pegger pre-season preview

The Flames and Coyotes meet in Winnipeg tonight in a exhibition tilt that could be sub-titled "cruel cock-tease for miserable hockey fans trapped in the armpit of Canada". But I digress...

Nothing much to talk about here, since I have no idea who will be playing tonight. No official roster releases yet, although Im fairly sure a lot of the excluded vets from last night will show up this evening. Think: Langkow, Conroy, Phaneuf, Giordano, Warrener, Vandermeer, Roy and Cammalleri. Some kids who might be hoping for a look-see are: Van Der Gulik, Chucko, Pelech and Greentree. In addition, I expect some of the stand-outs from last night to get another kick at the cat. Probably: Backlund, Pardy and/or Boyd. I would also bet on Matt Keetley getting the start.

The good news for other obsessives like me is that the game is being televised by Sportsnet. No need to sit lonely by a radio for half the night or (worse) rely on the 2nd hand notes of some rube who did the lonely radio-sitting and note-taking (see below).

Anyways, if my roster list above is at all accurate, I'll be keeping an eye on Giordano, Cammalleri, Van Der Gulik (who has been skating with Conroy in practice so far) and Greentree. I'll attempt to notice Chucko, but that has proven difficult in pre-seasons past. Feel free to share your own priority list.

UPDATE - It's being reported by Peter Maher that Cammalleri "tweaked his hip" during practice a few days ago and will be held out of tonights game for precautionary reasons. Boo!