Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Slump Cometh

By ChunkyMoose

I was reminded of what Mr. Keenan had said about slumps, and have paired it with the Flames’ performance of late. He said that teams do not fall into, nor jump out of slumps. Instead slumps resemble more of a ‘slide’.

Teams who are in a slump start to do good things right near the end of them, but unfortunately still manage to lose games.

Teams who are about to slump start doing things wrong, but still manage to win.

After viewing the results (I am not as wealthy and fortunate as MG, so I couldn’t watch the game) of the LAK game, I worry that our single pronged attack (would that make it a stick?) will start to stutter and our NW divisional 1st place Calgary Flames will begin to slide.

If only Nolan could hit that 40 point plateau like we all know he should (speak for yourself - ed.).

On the bright side, it looks like the Flames Faithful has full belief in our squad, and has managed to vote Mr. Jarome Iginla and Mr. Dion Phaneuf to the West All-star Team starters. Congratulations!

As for tonight’s match-up, our road-weary road warriors are set to lock horns with the Phoenix Coyotes. A team that has also strung together a decent number of wins (4) and a team that has a decent road record (13-8-0). Mix the strong (did I just go blind?) Coyotes’ road record and strong play of late with a return from a tiring road trip (the San Jose airport debacle and back to back home & away games) and it doesn’t look promising.

Add in the K-factor that I have to travel 20 minutes to watch the game at Mr. Unlucky’s house (MG) and we have a recipe for a loss.

3-1 Coyotes.