Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Gameday - Phoenix in town

Some question marks surrounding the Flames roster tonight:

1.) Is Lombardi returning?

Apparently Matthew has been participating in full practices recently. This mornig Peter Mahr said he expected Lombo to be back in the line-up by the weekend, but probably not tonight.

2.) What's up with Robyn Regehr?

Thanks to the NHL's ridiculous non-disclosure policy, no real info regarding Reggie's injury has come to light. I've heard it's a knee thing and he may be gone for two weeks. I've also heard he's a "game-time decision" tonight, so who knows.

3.) Could McElhinney maybe actually start a game????

Kipper has played every minute of the season so far. He was peppered with over 35+ in both SoCal games during the back-to-back this weekend. In addition, the Coyotes aren't exactly an elite opponent. It would seem to make sense to give the kid the start tonight, but I've said that more than once this season already.

I suppose #3 could hinge on #2. Keenan would likely be more comfortable putting the rookie in with Robyn Regehr patrolling the blueline. If Reggie can't go, then maybe Kipper gets the starts until he's healthy.

Kerr's blog also has the potential line combos for tonight. Of interest:

Cammalleri Langkow Bertuzzi
Bourque Conroy Iginla

That Langkow line looks like a good outscoring option, assuming Iginla/Conroy face the big guns (they will). It looks like Keenan may elect to give Iginla the full "Tanguay treatment" so far this year (hard match-ups, lesser linemates). It'll be interesting to see what that does to his numbers in the long run, assuming it continues.

On the Coyotes side of things, apparently Doan, Jokinen and Mueller have been re-united on the top line. That makes for an okay trio (although all three are kinda meh at ES), but a fairly unimpressive group otherwise.

We can assume that Jarome will face Doan and Boyd et al and Langkow et al will be left the scraps. I like those odds.

Prediction - Flames 4, Coyotes 1. Iginla, Langkow, Moss and Phaneuf for Calgary. Boedker for Phoenix.

Go Flames!